Hi, I am Ryan Nolan

I am an award winning and published photographer from the United States.

What Makes Me a People Photographer?

For me, it’s about developing a natural eye behind the camera; stirred with an understanding of how to manipulate light; shaken with a conceptually paired environment; and finally blended together with a connection between myself and the person in front of my camera. It is creating a balanced harmony between all of these creative ingredients; after all, without the perfect blend, the entire composition falls short. 

I continue to challenge myself by believing in a career approach of constant and never ending improvement. It's through this approach that I continue to grow in experience from trying new techniques, ideas and concepts that ultimately opens the next door to what’s creatively possible. Every now and again friends will ask me, “What made you become a photographer?” And, that answer is simple: throughout my life photography has become a necessary defining tool in expressing myself and I cannot imagine being without that path in my life. 

So, let’s collaborate....let’s build a relationship....let’s make some great imagery together!